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Automatic Driving Lessons in Barnet

Teaching People To Drive Since 1991

Auto All The Way

You are this close "___" to passing your driving test by taking automatic driving lessons in Barnet with QVG Driving School. There are three great things you need to understand about learning to drive with us.

1. In an automatic there is less stress, and you probably need fewer lessons as there is less to learn.
2. Our terms and conditions are designed to give you the best learning experience possible, for example read about our no shouting policy.
3. We have a Triple Guarantee  - you need to give that a read!

When taking automatic driving lessons in Barnet your focus has not got to be on the lesson or indeed the test, its actually about meeting examiner expectations and that means learning how to be a safe driver. Anyone especially in an automatic car can drive, it really isn't hard, but being safe...that's the tricky one to deal with but we make it easy for you.

We decided when starting our automatic driving school in Barnet to show people on each and every lesson what the examiner is looking for. The consequences of taking that route have been fabulous. You start to program yourself into a safe driver, eliminating the inclusion of bad habits and reasons to fail the driving test.

The real benefit though is after your driving test, you will be a true safe driver, looking after other road users and your own skin of course.

There are a number of instructors offering automatic driving lessons in Barnet, but due to our popularity we can get quickly booked up so it is advisable to give our friendly team a call now.
We look forward to hearing from you
and helping you pass your driving test.