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Automatic Driving Lessons in Hadley Wood

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Pass Your Driving Test With Automatic Driving Lessons in Hadley Wood

Have you ever considered taking automatic driving lessons in Hadley Wood to help you get your driving licence? Learning to drive in an automatic has so many advantages.

Most learners will need fewer lessons when learning in an automatic, as there is no clutch and gear stick to get used to, you could save around 10 hours of tuition time. However, there are many more reasons for choosing automatic driving lessons in Hadley Wood.

When you are on your driving test you will want to avoid stalling, and you certainly don’t want to be rolling back on hill starts, that’s a definite fault. So when you know the car won’t stall and your car won’t roll backwards it really helps with the confidence and makes driving easier.

Let’s go to your very first lesson.
What you want to happen is driving, and lots of it.
If you take lessons in a manual car it’s unlikely you will have a fast start simply because you have 3 pedals and 2 feet, a gear stick and you need to keep your eyes on the road.

Whereas with an automatic, it’s pretty “point and shoot”. You select the drive option and off you go. Almost immediately you will be driving and you will start to grow in confidence very quickly.

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