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Automatic in Palmers Green

The sensible choice for many learner drivers is to have automatic driving lessons in Palmers Green and the reasoning is pretty straight forward.

An automatic car holds many advantages over manual transmission vehicles.

1. No rolling back on hill starts

2. Less confusing because there are only 2 pedals and not three

3. You can always keep your hands on the steering wheel as you do not need to take your hand away from the wheel to operate the gear stick.

4. You can always keep your eyes on the road. As a learner driver when first getting used to a gear stick, you will find yourself looking to find the stick, taking your eyes off the road.

5. Automatic driving lessons in Palmers Green could lead to having fewer lessons as you have less to learn.

6. When you are in stop/start traffic, and no doubt you will experience this when learning to driving with an automatic driving school in Palmers Green, it's so much easier to drive in those conditions with an automatic.

7. People say that taking automatic driving lessons in Palmers Green is less stressful because you have fewer things to focus on.

As you can see there are many advantages to learning to drive in an automatic, so isn't it about time you gave our friendly team a call and book your first lesson. Soon we will have you on the road, learning to drive, and preparing you for passing your driving test.

You will love learning to drive with QVG, call us today.