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Are you ready for the time of your life by passing your driving test taking automatic driving lessons in Potters Bar. For those who love a bit of detail please pay particular attention to the phrase "passing your driving test". While there are a few automatic driving schools in Potters Bar offering lessons, we concentrate on building your skill levels to passing your test. So what is the difference?

You have 2 types of driving school, those who teach you how to drive a car, and those who teach you how to drive a car safely so you can have the safe driving skills required to pass the driving test. That statement might seem odd, but is clearly evidenced with the fact that in some areas of London the chances of passing your driving test are much less than 50%. Yes you read that right.

Here is the true difference between our automatic driving lessons in Potters Bar and your general run of the mill driving school. Firstly, right from the very start of your learning we teach you how to drive from the perspective of the examiner. Anyone can get in a car and drive, especially an automatic, but what the examiner wants to witness is you driving safely.

This is how an examiner will define "driver safety"
1. To be in control of the car at all times
2. To follow the Highway Code
3. To have the right attitude to driving safely
4. To be able to spot hazards

Now what if we coded those requirements into your training right from the first driving lesson and then on every lesson thereafter. Do you think you would become a safe driver, capable of passing your test?
It's why we are so successful, so call us today?