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Automatic Driving Lessons in Totteridge

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Buckle up and get ready for some amazing Automatic Driving Lessons in Totteridge, this is going to be a breathe of fresh air as we help to train you to be a really safe driver, capable of smashing the driving test.

Here at QVG Driving School we don't do nerves because we'll have you in great shape for your driving test. You see there are a couple of Automatic Driving Schools in Totteridge, but pretty much all instructors just teach you how to drive...only the technical side of things.

Now we have got to admit driving a car isn't really hard, even a few lessons with a friend or member of the family and you'll be off, no problem, the issue is how to drive safe, and that's your focus really.
What we do at QVG is program you on being a safe driver, it's exactly what you want for your test and beyond.

Most people will fail their driving test by making silly mistakes, errors that look technical but were caused by not understanding and not having the anticipation required. For example, the #1 reason for failing the driving test is "observation at junctions', you are perhaps not even moving, yet failing because a lack of awareness.

What you will experience at our driving school is not just the technical side of driving but the anticipation, awareness and perception required to be more than safe enough to impress your driving examiner with your safe skills.

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