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Automatic Driving Lessons in Whetstone

Teaching People To Drive Since 1991

Auto All The Way

You might have been thinking to yourself for some that what you need are Automatic Driving Lessons in Whetstone, well we are going to surprise you are wrong. A bit strange that come from an automatic driving school in Whetstone? What you really need/want/like/desire (delete as applicable lol) is a full driving licence, so let us stop thinking about lessons and get into the mood of concentrating on passing your test, because that is why you are really here.

If you think our approach is refreshing - thank you, but let's pat each other on the back later, ideally once you have got your driving licence and a hand shake will be fine...or chocolates :)

Our approach to learning to drive is different to most schools and that probably reflects in our pass rates, you see driving lessons...anyone can do them. Learning to driving is quite easy especially with automatic driving lessons in Whetstone, we'll have you driving in your first lesson, and soon you will have the skills to drive home. Yes its that easy.

What you have got to get is your licence and the only way you are going to do that is by learning to be a safe driver, its what the test is all about and its exactly what the driving examiner is assessing you on. So what we'll do is program you to be a naturally safe driver. 

Imagine being able to jump into your car and drive without having to over think, that's how we'll have you, your skills will almost be on autopilot and passing your driving test becomes so much easier.

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