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Passing Your Test

Taking driving lessons in Palmers Green is going to be a lot of fun with QVG Driving School and once you have your full driving licence your life is going to be transformed into something even more amazing. Imagine texting your friends saying you are doing a road trip this weekend and would they like to come. Think about the job opportunities a driving licence is going to give you as well.

Very soon you will be hitting the streets with your driving lessons in Palmers Green but there are loads of driving schools in Palmers Green to choose from, which one is right for you? You will want to look into our VITAL report (click here) we we discover that the level of driving instructors is so poor you only stand a 30% chance of passing your driving test. How bad is that?

It's all down to poor tuition and learner drivers not knowing what it takes to get their licence. You see, you are not trying to pass a test, what you are really doing is showing the driving examiner you are a safe driver, that's what it's all about and because most learners are not trained this way - they fail.

The examiner needs to know you are safe so how would you feel if we taught you to drive in a way that when you get into the car your training kicks in and you become a safe driver - on autopilot. What we do is train you in such a way driving becomes hassle and stress free, as you slip into the fantastic mode of being a safe driver, it just comes natural to you.

Being a safe driver is what you must achieve. Anyone can learn the technicalities of driving a car but to pass the driving test you need to be able to anticipate, its a hard skill to learn but with over 30 years experience of teaching people to drive we can get you to the required standard no problem.

All you need to do now is pick up the phone and give us a call. We are the right driving school in Palmers Green to help you get your driving licence.