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When you start to take driving lessons in Whetstone you need to be sure you have the right driving school. DID YOU KNOW the average pass rate in many areas is as low as 30% ? CLICK HERE to read our important report.

There are lots of learners taking driving lessons in Whetstone but where do you start? How do you go about finding the right driving school? For a long time driving instructors have hidden their true skill set but it seems like the DVSA are going to make all instructors reveal their grade!

Did you even know instructors are graded?
When it comes to choosing a driving school in Whetstone it is very difficult to work out who is good and who you really want to stay clear from. There is very little information out there to help you so it comes as a welcome relief to top driving schools like ours that grades will have to be published.

Passing your driving test is an awesome experience, you will not forget it and it is truly life changing. Once you have your own full driving licence the next step is to buy a car and that's when your life goes into top gear.

You will have no need to ask for lifts from friends and family and you can stop depending on public transport. Timetables should not be controlling your life! What will happen is you will take your car, plan your journey on the sat-nav and go wherever you want.

This is just a measure of how much freedom you can have. In just a couple of hours you can be down to Folkestone and on your way onto mainland Europe with your tunes keeping you company!

Better paid work and an improved social life are 2 huge benefits of driving and you will save a stack of time. Having your own licence and not relying on buses and trains can give you an extra hour a day!