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Make no mistake if you have landed on this page you will be soon paired up with  fantastic female driving lessons in Barnet. 
Learning to drive is such an exciting time and we are sure you would love to have the skills to pass your driving test at the first attempt, so here is our guide on what you need to do.

1. When you start female driving lessons in Barnet you will be quickly educated on how to pass your test, it's not about driving ok, and it has everything to so with showing the driving examiner you are a safe driver.

2. You need to show the examiner you are in control all of the time.

3. The examiner wants to see you have really good hazard perception skills and the biggest reason for failing a driving test is observation at junctions. You start to learn this in your theory and its vital for safe driving.

4. Being road legal is imperative so keeping to the Highway Code is essential.

5. Driving safe is one thing but having the right attitude to drive safely is something else, your attitude has to be spot on.

6. Before you take your driving test you will have needed to have completed your Pupil Progress Chart and to have reached the standard of being an independent driver. As a top female driving school in Barnet, we will make sure you have this standard.

7. The best female driving instructors in Barnet will also give you a mock driving test, this is to make sure you are prepared and confident. People who pass a mock driving test have better chances of passing the actual driving test.

8. In the weeks before the test on your female driving lessons in Barnet you will be driving on your lessons with very, very little help from your instructor. You will have all the skills and confidence you need to get your driving licence.