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Late Test Cancellation

How many driving schools have you tried to phone so far, explaining that you need some urgent help because your driving test is very soon and you do not have a car to use for your test.

Depending upon availability you can call us in confidence, explain your situation and we will do our very best to support you. We do have some terms you will need to meet. Using one of our tuition vehicles for your driving test is subject to you completing 4 hours of training before hand and…this is crucial, within that time you will have passed our mock examination.

Our responsibility is to driver safety, and while we are happy to assist you, you must be able to prove you have the ability to drive safely in order to pass your driving test.

This is a VIP Service and our charges are very clear.
You will pay £200 for 2 lessons, each lesson is 2 hours long and must be paid for in advance.
If you have then passed the mock test within that time you will be able to use the car for the driving test. The price for your lesson and use of the car on the test is a further £100.

You will need to phone us to check for availability.