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Pass Plus

If you have not already noticed the driving test does not cover all the bases when it comes to learning to drive and passing your driving test. You could quite easily take all of your lessons in London and never travel above 30 mph, what’s the use of that when soon with your driving licence you will encounter narrow country roads, bad weather conditions; driving at night and motorways.

Our Pass Plus course is what all our learners will take after passing their driving test, and you should also do the same.

Imagine passing your driving test today in North London and then in a few weeks time you find yourself driving at night, in bad weather on a country road. It's a lot different to driving in daylight going no more than 30 mph on a High Street.

If Pass Plus is not for you then please consider motorway driving lessons. Again driving at 70 MPH with 1000s of different vehicles is a lot different to driving in a town and presents new dangers you have yet to discover and understand how to avoid.

The UK driving test is good but as you can see it does not tick all boxes and if you want to make sure you have all the skills to be safe then you need to take these types of advanced driver training courses such as Pass Plus or at the very least motorway driving lessons.

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