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I am currently learning to drive at G.V.G. I previously had many lessons with another driving school, but starting lessons with Martin has been an absolute game changer. He is a brilliant instructor - his patience and encouragement have enabled me to get past my profound fear of driving and for the first time I can actually see myself as a driver. Martin instructs calmly, clearly and thoroughly, and has a way of making things sink in. I actually look forward to lessons now. As someone who was utterly terrified of driving, I never thought I'd say that! I would thoroughly recommend Q.V.G to all nervous and non-nervous learners!
Chloe Read
Thank u helping me pass ����
Sev Ibrahim
I had such a wonderful learning experience with Maria. Maria enabled me to feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel. She was extremely patient and understanding and everything was explained to me in such a clear and coherent way, which meant that I could understand and put into practice what I was being instructed. Maria is such a delightful woman, we got on so well and I will miss seeing her every week! A huge thank you! I would highly recommend Q.V.G Driving school.
Elizabeth O'Boyle
Dimple Patel passed her test at Barnet on 26th January 2018, Well Done Dimple.
Dimple Patel
I used QVG driving school from Summer 16 and passed first time in November 16 with only 3 minors. Martyn was an extremely professional and thorough teacher and ensured every lesson we covered each technicality with detail so I felt fully prepared going into my test. Highly recommended
Christina Paps
Couldn't recommend QVG Driving School more!! My driving instructor Maria made sure that i understood exactly how to pass the test and also how to be a good and safe driver. Maria is really patient and undertanding. She highlighted my weak points correctly and we worked on polishing them up. Thanks for being an amazing instructor Maria and i will definitely be recommending you to anyone who wants to learn!
"I highly recommend QVG Driving School and my instructor Martin. Martin's patience, support and excellent tuition made learning to drive feel very comfortable and secure, and he was incredibly helpful in showing me how to get ready for my test which I passed today with very few driving faults. Thank you Martin"
Beste Devecil
Maria is a super driving instructor, could not recommend her enough! I had no confidence when I first started driving, but Maria soon made me feel at ease, and very comfortable. I soon gained the confidence I needed, and passed first time! Thank you once again! �
Lauren Challis
I started driving lessons with my instructor after finding him on the internet. I got a call from him and started lessons with him fairly quickly after that. I found him to be very friendly and extremely patient , especially as I am a very nervous driver. I had tried numerous different driving schools and instructors and never felt they could take me to the level to be able to pass my driving test . I am so happy that I found Martin he is an excellent instructor and after years of trying I have finally passed my driving test all thanks to him. I highly recommend him personally and his school. I finally have the confidence to drive something I thought I would never be able to do. Thanks Martin, I am so happy that you taught me to drive.
Anna Agaraj
Maria was the best driving instructor I could have hoped for. She is very friendly and professional and made me feel completely at ease. As a school teacher, I really appreciated Maria's methods which made the trickiest manoeuvres straightforward as well as the resources she provided. I was under quite a lot of pressure to pass my test quickly due to moving beyond the M25 and she was very flexible in accommodating the lessons I needed. What's more, thanks to Maria, I passed first time!
Jenny McCall
Martin is the best instructor I ever have. I was a very nervous learner due to my experience with my previous instructor. He helped me overcome my fear and learn to trust myself. He made my driving lessons an exciting and enjoyable experience. Not only I learned how to drive but most importantly how to be a safe driver. This helped me pass my test. I am so grateful for the patience and wisdom you have shared with me. Highly recommended! Just to add, after passing my driving test, it opened me to loads of opportunities! Now I am working in the community and driving has been a vital part! Thank you very much Martin! I can still hear your gentle voice everytime I drive �
Jen Alvarado-Gonzales
I initially had some lessons with AA and then with Martin and I couldn't have wished for a better instructor. He knew the test routes and was very patient with me and also simplified a lot of parking techniques which other driving schools probably don't do. I felt myself getting more confident on the road and really learning how to drive without stressing. Managed to get 0 faults on my driving test all thanks to Martin! Would definitely recommend.
I cannot recommend a better driving school Maria is the best!! I started my lessons with a different driving school book a test then to get told a week before my test that I'm not ready and need to cancel my test understandably I was angry & upset! Long story short things didn't end up adding up with that driving school so I ended my lessons with them!! My dad passed Maria's number on for me to ask if she was doing lesson yet as she was just starting out! Lucky enough she was!! � I started my lessons with Maria on the 3rd December 2014 with my test booked for the 8th December 2014!! Maria said I was told all the wrong things to do and was taught lots of bad habits she said don't worry I will get to ready for your test you will be fine!!! As it was so late notice and so close to my test Maria dropped everything and done 3-4+ hours of lesson everyday till my test!!! I was not only nervous for myself passing but I was the 1st person Maria has put through to a test so I didn't want her first to be a fail. And guess what she is that amazing of a teacher I passed on my first test!! After being told from my last driving teacher that there is no way I will pass on the 8th November!! Maria is so easy to get along with, I actually ended up enjoying my lesson stress free! she is just the best!! I am glad & proud to be Maria first pass!!��� Thank you so much Maria!!�
Chelsea Louise McSweeney
Annette - I spent more than 20 years trying to learn to drive and had several different instructors. Martin was the only one who made me believe i could do it. He made things so simple and easy and i really enjoyed learning with him. He did such a good job that I got him to teach my son Tan to drive. Martin is great an i would recommend anyone to use QVG Driving School, they are the BEST !!!!!
Annette Mullah
As a very nervous pupil i was so happy that my mum recommended Martin to teach me to drive. He made me feel relaxed and more importantly gave me the confidence to pass my test. Thanks Martin you're a STAR!!!
Tan Mullah
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