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Confidence Building

Did you know that nearly all people learning to drive have an issue over confidence, nerves and anxiety.
You won’t really hear about it because most people won’t say a thing to you. How many of your friends have said they feel anxious when learning to drive? There you go, hardly anyone has! Does that mean it’s just you? Far from it…

Being nervous about driving is totally normal
Hear us out on this…

You were made with 2 legs and you can probably run to a top speed of around 15MPH and for not very long. As humans we have been riding horses for centuries and while they can perhaps go at 30MPH or more it’s still scary, yet we have been riding horses since the beginning of time.

The point is this, what is happening to you is your central nervous system saying “Is this ok, is it safe?” All of your driving anxiety boils down to that. You were not designed to travel at fast speeds or with other objects coming towards you at equally fast speeds. Your body is adjusting and you are training yourself to be in control.

Being in control, knowing you are in control and proving to yourself you are in control and therefore SAFE! Helps you to feel comfortable and this is how we are going to work with you to overcome your nerves.

When you take driving lesson with us, you will always be safe and soon you will have the skills and confidence to be comfortable, feel in control and pass your driving test.